Why Homes?

For families in Israel, a home can change everything.



The Pioneering Spirit

Residents are Israeli citizens and live under Israeli law. Under the law, the government recognizes certain places in the West Bank as permissible settlements, and it provides them with ample funding.

1. Community

We identify a community that will open their hearts to a family willing to move and establish a home for their family in the rural areas of Israel.

2. Family

Brave families apply to receive a home. This is a partnership, not a giveaway program—families commit to live in a community and establish Jewish roots and traditions within the kibbutz. Families also invest thousands of hours of their time after the home is built to make it their own.

3. Build

From clearing permits to foundation pouring to handing over the keys to the family, Building Israel gives families a fresh start by providing a home on the Land that God has given them.  


1 Home = $30,000

Building Israel homes are big enough for a family of six.


3-6 Months

Once a location and a family have been identified, our homes are manufactured and the permits pulled for the location. Our goal is to have a family in a home within six months of fully funding the building project.


Building Homes = Building Hope

Healthy, permanent homes are the foundation to a better life. Having a home improves health, education, financial stability, family bonds, and ultimately entire communities. These brave pioneers are establishing Jewish roots in the land God has given them.

You can make a lasting impact for the Jewish community in the land of Israel.