Why Homes?

For families in Israel, a home can change everything.



The Pioneering Spirit

We are proud of our younger generation! Young parents in their 20’s and 30’s willing to move into humble prefabricated housing units, only to express their Zionism and dedication to the Land of Israel. Please help us make another unit available for them.

1. Community

We network with small communities who need assistance in adding more prefabricated housing units, so they can absorb more and more young families. We believe settling the Land of Israel is key, for a strong and safe Israel.

2. Family

Once we find the community that needs our help to add more housing units, they interview several families that are on the waiting list. Once a family completes the matchmaking process, they rely on our support to make the relocation happen.

3. Build

Once Building Israel is notified that a family is ready to relocate, we apply the contract and help the community pay for used prefab units which we help mobilize, bring in utilities, renovate inside – and hand it over to the new tenants.


1 Renovated Prefab Unit = $30,000

The Prefab units we help buy are very humble and refurbished. It can accommodate a family of 4, and sometimes 6.


3-6 Months

When a community advises us they have a family ready to move in, we buy pre-owned units, mobilize them and renovate them, and after inspection they are livable, and handed over to the new family.


With YOUR HELP we are able to create very affordable housing solutions for young families, in areas of great importance for Israel. Normally the family will end up building their permanent “real” home in that community within 3-5 years.

You can make a lasting impact for the Jewish community in the land of Israel.