From planting Vineyards to Housing young Jewish Families, “Building Israel” is on the front lines of Zionism since 2004. Please prayerfully donate today and help us do more of our important work. Your gift is not only a statement of standing with Israel, but also with Biblical Prophecy and the promise to Israel.

“Israel is not only a project of the Jewish People. It is a project of all people who believe.” -The late Prime-Minister, Ariel Sharon

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Hello, I’m Rani Levy,
Judea & Samaria in Israel are the last frontier of Zionism and the last land reserves, the Jewish People have. Redeeming and proclaiming this land is key for Israel’s security and is vital for Israel’s ability to ever achieve peace. By supporting Building Israel you are siding with 3,000 years of Jewish history in the land of Israel.
All of our work is limited to helping farmers plant new or expand existing vineyards, as well as – assist small communities absorb young families by helping create affordable housing solutions.
Please side with us, and allow our important work to continue and grow.
Rani Levy

(Rani Levy resides in Israel and is the founder and Chairman of “Building Israel”. Levy served in the IDF and was candidate for Knesset. He also served as an Adviser to P.M. Ariel Sharon, and frequently speaks about Middle-Eastern Affairs in the USA & Europe).

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