Our Mission

To build a stronger, brighter, safer Israel by serving the needs of families and individuals inside the homeland.

Building Israel partners with people and organizations across the world to help families and individuals in Israel to create strong and stable communities.




Because of our generous partners, people who receive support from our organization gain the fundamental resources and stability they need to build a better life for themselves and for their families.



For over 30 years, Raanan Levy has been on the front lines of arguing Israel’s case and working on critical Zionist projects in Israel.
As an Infantry Sergeant, Levy served in the Israel Defense Forces and participated in the War of Lebanon, Operation Defensive Shield, and several tours along the border of Gaza. In the mid 90’s Levy served as one of the leaders of the Peace with The Golan movement, which called for a freeze to giving away the Golan-Heights to Syria, and he was a candidate for Knesset.
In 2001 Levy was appointed Adviser to Prime-Minister Ariel Sharon and through this position made an impact on networking with Jewish Communities around the world, arguing Israel’s case in the media, as well as helping Jewish orphans from the former Eastern European countries make Aliyah to Israel.

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